Story of Oils

If one has to go to a recorded time when one could be sure of the prevalence of Aromatics, one has to Time Travel to…. Ancient Egypt. Translations of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics (Medu neter) show manuscripts, that Priests and Alchemist were using extracted oils from plants and herbs for healing thousands of years ago. This makes essential oils the earliest known medicine highly revered. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt routinely exchanged Blue Lotus Oil with the kings of India for gold and other precious goods. And so it is…, essential oils were at one time in history considered more valuable than gold.

These Egyptian Essence Oils can be used in various ways: Highly recommended is wearing just as a natural fragrance or perfume. They can also be used in an Oil burner, diluted to release its aromas for meditation or just to enjoy. Egyptian Oils can also be used for massage and relaxation. A few drops added will transform any bath for luxurious smooth skin.

All our Egyptian Oils are presented in an authentic Egyptian glass bottle and packaged in an Egyptian Oil box.

The Egyptians created fragrances for personal use as well as for ritualistic healing and ceremonial use in Temples and Pyramids. According to the earliest historical records available, they used balsamic substances with aromatic properties for Medicine. Egyptian High Priests used fragrances for opening the Subconscious Mind and increasing their ability to communicate with The Spirit World.

In 1817 the 870-foot Ebers Papyrus was discovered, dating back to 1500 B.C., it was called a medicinal scroll. It mentioned over 800 herbal prescriptions and remedies. Other scrolls indicate that the Egyptians had a high success rate in treating as many as 81 different diseases. Many mixtures they used contained myrrh and honey. Myrrh was used for embalming because of it's effectiveness in preventing bacterial growth.

After 3,300 years, when King Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened in 1922, 350 litres of oils were discovered in alabaster jars. Plant waxes had solidified in a thickened residue around the inside of the container opening, leaving the liquefied oil in excellent condition and fragrance still detectable.

Aromatherapy has a history going back 4500 years, Scholars and Teachers believe that aromatics were the first medicines used by the Egyptians. Imotep the Architect was also the father of Medicine and healing The Ancient Egyptians were the first (in recorded history) to have widely used aromatherapy in their daily life. The Egyptians were the first to discover that fragrances are effective and can be used for religious practices, treatments of illness and other physical and spiritual needs. They used essential oils, herbs, perfumed flowers and spices extensively in skin care to cleanse physical impurities.

Egyptian Cosmetics

Perfumes, sunscreen lotions, exfoliates, depilatories, lip-glosses, anti-wrinkle creams etc. may sound like a cross-section of the current cosmetic and skin care industry, but the ancient Egyptians too knew about all these. They used a lot of skin care products and fragrances to keep their bodies clean and fragrant to ward off diseases. In no culture or civilisation has cosmetics played a vital part in social living like in Egypt. The source of all this cosmetic industry were the essential oils. Egyptians transported valuable, aromatic healing herbs and spices from other lands (like Persia) to be steam-distilled into essential oils. Their love for perfumery adhered them to keep perfumed cones under their headdresses during festivals, the cones, consisted of aromatic oils, that would melt into the head and release sweet fragrances. After bathing, they would anoint their bodies with oils to moisturise their skin cells and replenish dead cells. In their quest for immortality, they would bury their Kings, Queens and Pharaohs with lots of oils. Honouring the value that the Ancient Egyptians gave to essential oils.

Fragrance is one of mans greatest enjoyments, envolking memories of past experience and creating a feeling of security, grounding and well being.


Egyptian Oils are for external use only.
Oils must be kept away from eyes and mouth.
Carrier Oils can be mixed with Egyptian Oils for massage.
Special care must be taken around furniture and fabrics.
Caution should be taken when using in a Oil burner.
Oils should be stored away from direct sunlight. We recommend a dark cool place.
Please keep Oils clean, Shelf life can be many years.