Goddess Inanna (Ishtar) the most important Queen of the Sumerian Petheon in ancient Mesopotamia.  A Goddess of Love, fertility and war. Her named derived from the starry skies and heavens with her ruling planet Venus.  She was the Goddess of strength and victory. Her fragrance is Thrilling, Seductive and completely Irresistable.
Oriental floral fragrance, addictive notes of Gardenia, freesia and sweet peach. Centre notes of Jasmine and Rose, with gentle base notes of Vertiver, vanilla and patchouli.
Inanna is more than a fragrance.. It is an Expeirence.

Wear Neat
Pure Oil concentrate
No Alcohol

Disclaimer: All packaging for Oils may vary in color and design based on availability at the time of purchase.


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6ml Roll-on

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