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Myrrh is from the Commiphora Myrrha tree, the bark is cut and the gum resin exudes as reddish brown clumps. The resin is then put through a steam distillation process where the Oil is extracted.
country of Origin Somalia and Yemen.
This wonderful Egyptian Myrrh Oil has a warm rich spicy balsamic aroma. It also has a pleasant subtle under tone of antisceptic.
The Antibacterial properties of Myrrh Oil helps to heal eczema, dry skin, soothes swellings and Arthritis (stiff joints) reducing inflammation.
Myrrh Oil can be added to shea butter and balms for moisturizing the whole body.
Excellent for massage combined with a good carrier oil ( sweet Almond, cocoa nut oil)
Add a few drops to a bath for maximum relaxation.
Myrrh Oil is highly Spiritual and can be used to facilitate meditation opening the third eye, enhancing spirituality bringing one closer to the Divine.
A powerful Oil.

Wear Neat
Add to bath
Use in Oil burner
Use for massage
External use only
Contains no Alcohol

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5 reviews for Myrrh

  1. Michelle Capper

    Absolutely sublime, deep, rich, spicy and sultry smell that with the warmth of your own body heat radiates a wonderful smell that lasts all day – I truly love this oil.

  2. Lisa

    I can highly recommended this most beautiful of oils, the scent is exquisite and luxurious.

  3. hongfei

    I am a monk, I rarely wrote reviews for any product. But I have to write the oil for it is really best oil. it is good for meditation and bring great energy. I always use eaglewood incense when I mediate before. I purchased some essential oils from different country when I decided using oil. Some oil can make me be relaxed but couldn’t keep my mind awake, I would fall in the sleeping when I use them. That is the worst thing to a monk when we meditate. The oil in the web both can make me get deeply meditation and very quiet. I still feel relax but never lost alert. Great oils.

    I put different oil that I purchased in front of shrine table and asked my Dharma guard, They only like Egyptian oils. The divination shows they ask me throw all the other oil away from other web and do not use them.

    I have used the several oil more than seven months, every one is great. I found that ghosts no longer interfere with me in last strict retreat time.

    Thank you so much, you supply great oils for us. I recommend my followers using your oil.

  4. hongfei

    it is just right sweet and other attractive smell. I put several drops in the bath before meditation. I am enchanted by the smell of my own body. Bad spiritual far away from me.

  5. Shahien

    This is pure.
    A little stick to the oil to know that it is not watered down
    Suited to autumn and winter application by opinion
    Smell is appreciated by all

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